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Description of screen

This Ðapp is a Ðistributed & Ðecentralised Proof Of Existance, Individuality, and in this demo - Proof of Identity.

Sorry to disapoint but this front end demo is disconnected from the back (and we poor mortal Uex people “know not what of” !
With so few hours to go the etherreal.on.ether.Camp team regrets to inform you that there seems no hope that the back end will link up to this demo. We would like to thank you for stopping by and please do have a good poke around.

Upon first launch of the Ðapp the user is presented with this screen.

There is as yet no "sign in" screen to link to, but if you click on "register" you will be taken to a simulation of the next step.

You can also visit the UPDATED about page to read the non technical (ether.camp JUDGES UPDATE) "light Paper" which outlines the process.