Etherel light paper

Note that for a generationÐ can not adress questions of false identity any more effectively than existing systems however with a biometric and photographic record stretching back to childhood it will become "impossible" to take on a false IÐ

How to create a distributed and decentralised census of humans and store their information in a public ledger such that the (sometime personal, sometimes public) information is both "provably" valid and difficult to data mine.

For this hackathon, the goal is to limit the demo to "proof of individuality" (though there are many more applications for the method of randomly distributed peer validation we have used).

If you have read this paper before then there is little differnece from what you already know bellow is aiming to be an emergently trustless authentication system designed to create associations between Physical Information (In this case I.D.) and Digital Keys. By reciprocity people will vouch for one another, in the process they complete tasks that only a human can do and so create a “proof of work” that they are in fact

To build an Identity users will need to VouchSafe theÐ of others.

Vouch { To warrant; to maintain by affirmations; to attest; to affirm. } Safe { Conferring safety; securing from harm; not exposing to danger; confining securely; to be relied upon.}

If a User declines their “calls to validate ” too often theirÐ will decay (Think DNS propagation in reverse). Each participating account will have to perform validation at random intervals, (about 5 times a year is the initia target) to building up their “Identity” and “Persistence” (proof of work) that will be harder and harder to fake and more and more precious to preserve.

#Sortition (which in itself is a useful feature for all sorts of Ðapps to have) is used by to ‘conscript’ people into vouching for theÐs of other users.

sortition (also known as allotment) {is the process of selecting officers as a random sample from a larger pool of candidates }

The VouchSafe system records this validated information but handles the history of interactions, and coordinates the ‘validators’.

Jury {A body of people, selected according to law, impaneled and sworn to inquire into and try any matter of fact. }Ð

An Example of for proof of Personal Identity.

Alice and Bob live less than 20miles apart and have each signed up to (remember you want an ID you have to VouchSafe others too). The system randomly assigns Bob to validate Alice, Craig (one or many random referees in some distant geographic location) is nominated to oversee the interaction. Alice and Bob are each given cryptographic secrets to exchange so that the referees can validate that they have genuinely met in the real world. Alice and Bob are offered a zero knowledge communication channel which is escrowed through Craig who is the man-in-the-middle and can see all their coms in the clear to prevent them opening a back channel and defrauding the system.

When Bob is presented with his validation task but the information he is given is limited as far as possible through the design of the communication channel, to the minimum required for this validation (think of it like ebay buyer collects). In this case he may be presented with a real world address, or GPS coordinate, along with a date and time. So Bob now has a piece of target data about Alice to validate; it may be her age or address or that she has the passport she claims to have, or whatever.

In our example Bob and Alice settle on a time and Bob goes to Alice‘s location and presents his half of the secret to Alice who in turn will reply with her half. Now they can each send their combined secrets to Craig as confirmation tokens and go back to their normal lives. If either party reports that something seemed ‘wrong’ then that suspicion is flagged for verification in a shorter time.

Jurors will be paired by geographic location which means that communities (or users) in the middle of no where may have to boot strap from nothing. That is OK because of the 6 degrees of separation, it will not be too long before isolated islands are connected. (This system will of course sit well along side a Friend of a Friend (FoaF) system but has the benefit of guarding against conspiracies of friends.)