Alice Lorem

Laugavegur 12, Reykjavik, Iceland


Alice Lorem's Profile

The score in the top right of the screen informs the user whether they qualify as a human or not.
The Higher the score (max 100) the more others can be confident that this profile belongs to an etherreal person and is not a bot or in a server farm AI

Hosted Verifications (demo)
This will show either, statistics about her previous verifications, or if there is one pending then it will enable her to nominate a date range for her to receive a “Witness. And then to organise the final part of the meeting through the Ðapp”

Witnessed (demo)
Again to the right there is an annual count of her participation as a witness and the button reacts to the situation; either giving her options of convenient date and time ranges for her to act as a witness, or the comms channel to talk to her next host.

Watchman (demo)
Much as above but with the watchman role. This will likely be the most active area as there may well be many watchmen for any given interaction.

Click "Hosted Verifications" to to see how the user sets their preferances for recieving a visitor.