Define EtherReal ID

Any information you add on this page will be committed to the public record for all the world to see. You don't have to put any information in these fields until you feel safe doing so.

This Must be correct. The history of All changes will leave a permanent record!
Etherreal-IÐ relies on this information

Attach your portrait like the one you would have in any ID, or take selfie now;

All change require verification by different random persons

Setting up a Public Profile

The user now enters their details which are piped to the ethereum distributed database.

They are warned that the information stored at this layer is publicly searchable and that it is a permanent record.

There may also be a display of the ether costs associated with this sign up.

After the user completes this form they will be taken through a second confirmation page with an "are you sure" warning.

Notice that a new user starts with a negative “score” this is to indicate that there is no reason to believe that any user at this stage is either human or unique. They will improve there “score” to a maximum of 100% by participating in the etherReal process. A new user will perform about 5 face to face validations a year, for the first few years, and then after that less frequently as time goes on.

Etherreal itself can not rely on a FoaF network because of the possibility of conspiracies of friends. We expect however that other ID systems will use FoaF to try and stablish user identity after the fashion of Web of Trust and the Read Write Web. EtherReal will seek to complement these systems and add a more trustless layer along side them