Jennifer Ivonne

Alice Lorem - host ##

Monday the 23rd - after 5 O'clock?

Bob Ipsum - witness ##

I don't feel well. Please E-mail me your QR code to

type your text message to your host here.
@Bob I'm watching you! I will flag you as not human.

Jennifer is the watchman for this verification

The "watchman" does not need to be in the same geographical location as Alice & Bob.
The role of the watchman is to keep the interaction honest and help prevent cheating.

as you see Bob has tried to circumvent the process and is caught not just by Alice but also by the Watchman

It may be that there are more than one watchmen overseeing each verification. It should require little or no participation on the part of the watchman other than to review the log/text stream and sign the transaction "Yay" or "Nay".